Methods of Rounding Numbers
(KS2, Year 4)

Rounding Numbers (Interactive Mathematics Lesson)

Use this interactive widget to see how the different methods of rounding numbers affect your number.
  • Step 1. Click on the number below to select which number to round.
  • Step 2. Select the method of rounding from the list below.
  • (Remember that the different methods for rounding often give the same results. Therefore, your number will not always change.)

Select the method for rounding:

Round Half Up
Round Half Down
Round to Floor
Round to Ceiling
Round Half Away from 0
Round Half Towards 0
Round Half to Even
Round Half to Odd
Round Half Randomly

This is the Round Half Up Method

Here are some simple examples of the Round Half Up method:

"Round Half Up"

becomes 3
becomes 3
becomes 2
becomes -2
becomes -2
becomes -3
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