How to Reflect a Shape

Reflecting a Shape

A shape can be reflected.

When a shape is reflected, each point on the shape is reflected in a line of reflection.

How to Reflect a Shape

Reflecting a shape is easy.


Reflect the shape in the line of reflection.


Let us start by choosing a point on the shape and reflecting it. We will reflect point A.


Draw a line from point A to the line of reflection, such that it meets the line of reflection at 90°.

Don't forget: We can also say that the lines meet at a right angle or are perpendicular to each other.


Measure the length of this line from the point to the line of reflection.


Measure out the length found in Step 2 in the same direction on the other side of the line of reflection.

Point A has been reflected in the line of reflection to find A', the corresponding point on the reflected shape.

Repeat for points B and C:


With all the vertices (corners) of the shape reflected, the reflected shape can be drawn:


The slider below shows another real example of how to reflect a shape.

Open the slider in a new tab

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