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A fraction of a number lets us find part of a number. Imagine 3/5 (three-fifths) of a class of 25 students love mathematics. 15 students (3/5 of 25) love mathematics.

How to Find the Fraction of a Number

To find the fraction of a number you have to multiply the fraction by the number:

Hint: 'of' means '×' when finding a fraction of a number.

A Real Example of How to Find the Fraction of a Number


What is 35 of 25?



Write a fraction of a number as a fraction × a number, like the formula above. In our example, the fraction is 35 and the number is 25.


Divide the top number (called the numerator) of the fraction (3) by the bottom number (called the denominator) of the fraction (5).

3 ÷ 5 = 0.6


Multiply the answer (0.6) by the number (25).

0.6 × 25 = 15


We have found 35 of 25.

Lesson Slides

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Top Tip

Fraction of Number =
Fraction × Number

When you see a question like:
Find 12 of 10
Translate of into ×:
Find 12 × 10

Order of × and ÷ Doesn't Matter

In the example shown on this page, you:
  • find numerator ÷ denominator, then
  • × the number.
It is equally correct to do this the other way round:
  • find numerator × the number, then
  • ÷ by the denominator.