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Are You Good at Mathematical Symbols?

Do you know, or can you guess, the technical mathematical symbols? Well, let's see!
gold cup

gold cup

gold cup

  • This test has questions.
  • A correct answer is worth 5 points.
  • You can get up to 5 bonus points for a speedy answer.
  • Some questions demand more than one answer. You must get every part right.
  • Beware! Wrong answers score 0 points.
  • 🏆 If you beat one of the top 3 scores, you will be invited to apply for the Hall of Fame.
Scoring System

Guru (+)
Hero (+)
Captain (+)
Sergeant (+)
Recruit (+)

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Interactive Game on Prime Numbers

Here is an example of an interactive game. This one helps you to learn about prime numbers.
  • You are the fish.
  • Pop the bubbles with prime numbers to collect red hearts. You need five to win.
  • If a bubble with a prime number reaches the top, you will lose a red heart.
  • Avoid the bubbles with composite numbers (i.e., non-prime numbers). If you pop one, you will lose one of your three lives.
  • Good luck!
  • The fish moves towards your clicks. (Hint: The farther the distance, the faster it moves.)

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