Mixed Fractions
(KS2, Year 3)

The Lesson

A mixed fraction is a type of fraction. A mixed fraction 'mixes' a whole number with a proper fraction.

Dictionary Definition

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a proper fraction as "a number consisting of an integer and a proper fraction; a mixed number."

Examples of Mixed Fractions

Here are some examples of mixed fractions:

Visualizing Mixed Fractions

A useful way of visualizing fractions is to picture it as a cake being cut into equal parts. For mixed fractions, there is at least one whole cake, with some slices left over to make part of another whole cake:

Interactive Widget

Here is an interactive widget to help you learn about the types of fractions.

What Is a Fraction?

A fraction is a part of a whole number. Fractions consist of a numerator and a denominator. There are three different types of fractions:

The Size of Mixed Fractions

An mixed fraction is always greater than 1. It has at least one whole number (1) and then a fraction more.
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