Even Numbers
(KS2, Year 4)

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An even number is a whole number that can be divided exactly by 2.

Dictionary Definition

The Oxford English Dictionary defines an even number as a number "divisible integrally into two equal parts; opposed to odd."

Examples of Even Numbers

Some examples of even numbers are given below: list_of_even_numbers

Even Numbers on a Number Line

The image below shows the even numbers on the number line.

even number line

How to Check if a Number Is an Even Number

A number is even if it can be divided exactly by 2.


Is 24 an even number?



Divide the number by 2.
24 ÷ 2 = 12


Check if the answer from Step 1 is a whole number. If it is, the original number is even. Else it is odd. In our example, 12 is a whole number.


24 is an even number.

Interactive Game on Even Numbers

Here is an interactive game to help you learn about even and odd numbers.
  • You are the fish.
  • Pop the bubbles with even numbers to collect red hearts. You need five to win.
  • If a bubble with an even number reaches the top, you will lose a red heart.
  • Avoid the bubbles with odd numbers. If you pop one, you will lose one of your three lives.
  • Good luck!
  • The fish moves towards your clicks. (Hint: The farther the distance, the faster it moves.)
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A Formula to Generate Even Numbers

The formula below generates even numbers:

even number formula If k takes a whole number (1, 2, 3...), then n will always be even.

k = 0 ∴ n = 2k = 2 × 0 = 0

k = 1 ∴ n = 2k = 2 × 1 = 2

k = 2 ∴ n = 2k = 2 × 2 = 4

k = 3 ∴ n = 2k = 2 × 3 = 6

k = 4 ∴ n = 2k = 2 × 4 = 8

Top Tip

A Quick Way to See If a Number Is Even

A number is even if its last digit is 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8.

Lesson Slides

The slider below shows a real example of even numbers.
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