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Area of a Circle (Test 2)

Area of a Circle Test 2

Below is 5-question test on finding the area of a circle. This test is linked to the lesson on finding the area of a circle, which also has a test.

All tests are printable, and all resources on this website can be used without prior permission. Whether you're teaching or learning, good luck!
Interactive Test

Radius and Diameter

The diameter of a circle is twice the length of its radius.

If you are given the diameter of a circle, halve it to find the radius and put this in the formula.

A Note On Units

The area of a circle is a length times a length, so we say its dimension is length2. (All areas are lengths squared.)

This affects the units used. If the radius or diameter are in cm, the area is in cm2. If they are in inches, the area is in inches2.