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Explementary Angles (Mathematics Lesson)

Explementary Angles

Explementary angles are two angles which add up to a full angle.

Two angles that add to 360° are explementary angles.

A Real Example of Complementary Angles

Angles of 240° and 120° are explementary angles.
240° + 120° = 360°.

How to Find an Explementary Angle

Question: What angle forms a pair of explementary angles with the 160° angle below?

Step 1: The 160° angle and θ are explementary angles. They add up to 360°.
160° + θ = 360°.

Step 2: Subtract the 160° angle from 360°.
θ = 360° - 160° = 200°.

The explementary angle is 200°.

Another Real Example of Explementary Angles

The slider below shows a real example of explementary angles in mathematics, a pie chart:
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